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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Nice Re-model... Good choice on the cabinets and appliances.. I bet you will miss the double sink though..

What, no island? What makes me jealous is that continuous-grate stove-top and the built-in cutting board. And is that a small appliance garage I see? Excellent planning. Now, where do you put your trash can? Mine's under the sink, but one of us is always stankind in the way. One day, we'll redo the cooking/entertaining room. Congrats.

Brandon, can you remodel my comments to correct for typos?

good for you!

It looks fantastic. Quite the quality of life improvement!

I love your remodel, from appliances to cabinets! I like your built in cutting boards and especially the handles on your drawers, what a perfect place to hang towels!

Holy crap! How nice is that to walk in to?

Congratulations, for sure. Maybe some day I'll get mine. I did windows this year.

Biggles (from the 'other' Richmond)

Your kitchen is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I dream of such a kitchen! What a beautiful place full of good choices. GREAT KITCHEN!!!

Sweet! It is just gorgeous!!

Beautiful, refined and user-friendly. Hello, holidays!!

I was one of Brandon's 27 guests at this year's Thanksgiving. I was also the host of last year's Thanksgiving. Brandon served up a culinary smack down last week and provided the most interesting and tasteful Thanksgiving we’ve ever had. We’re still licking the wounds. Beg, plead and grovel for her wild mushroom bread pudding recipe. It was phenomenal.

Thank you so much everyone for all of your wonderful comments!

Sorry, I love the homey, cosiness of the old kitchen.So many nice objects to paint in a still life too...Where did they all go?

I agree with ParisBreakfasts. The old kitchen was too cute. But I guess if sleek and modern is what you want, the new one is awesome too!

beautiful remodel! mind if i ask who you used? we live in an older home in rva & can always use good contractor recommendations! thanks!

Thanks! It's Arias Remodel and Design--Chris Arias at 804-387-5344.

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