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Monday, December 11, 2006


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Hey BrandoEats,
I would really like to put in a donation and you are the prize I'd really like to win (boiled peanuts... spiced pecans... Miss Edna & Scott's book... need I say more???) My question is - if I'm lucky enough to win, are you shipping to Israel?"

There don't seem to be any restrictions from the US end to shipping to Israel, although I'd leave out the things that might get stale.

I'm happy to ship internationally anywhere the US Postal Service will let me, but you just have to check and see if your country has any restrictions for things coming in.

Unbelievable--as of today, we've raised $23,520.70. See Menu For Hope at Firstgiving.

We have passed the $30,000 mark! See Menu For Hope at Firstgiving.

$41,000 and still counting with one more day left--start bidding! See: Menu For Hope at Firstgiving.

Drumroll please . . . Menu for Hope III has raised a grand total of $58,256.70. Thank you to everyone who participated!

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