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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Awesome. I adore 1. eggnog, 2. shortcuts and reinvented recipes and 3. the fact that I just bought that same glass jug (in your photo) 2 days ago (okay, still has the apple cider in it, but not for long...). Bring on the eggs!!

I am off to get a gallon jug of cider!! I will be using Rum and Cognac only as I am not a fan of Bourbon. Will report back in 2 weeks as to how it tastes. Thanks Brandon for this recipe!!
(Cider will be used to marinate some baby backs, yum)

You will not be disappointed! This is seriously good stuff--the hardest part is the waiting . . .

I used to think eggnog was awful and it did... coming out of a carton! I would be tempted to try this except, I think I have the very best eggnog. It's legend is that it was the version served in the White House, and after you taste it, you will know why they act the way they do at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!

I make a recipe from the White House that uses lots of booze, uncooked eggs and heavy cream. I use pasteurized eggs to eliminate the fear of salmonella, but the fat, calories and alcohol (thankfully) remain!

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