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Monday, January 21, 2008


Brandon, don't lie. You're just now getting around to making something involving those esoteric ingredients in Heidi Swanson's "Supernatural Cooking." What a great idea for a book. Too bad I haven't followed through on that stuff.

Joking aside, I concur that Good Foods (or virtually any natural food store) brings more virtues to bear than Ellwoods Profiteering Market.

Whole grains......... Nah - just now getting addicted to steel cut oats....... Another reason Good Foods is great -- They have dairy products from right here in Virginia and they have heavy cream that is NOT ultrapasteurized AND it contains NO NO NO Carrageenan. Can't get your cream to whip and stay whipped?? Blame the ultrapasteurized - or so I have been told and my Good Foods cream whips up just fine!!

Awesomer? That's horrible..

and the Southside (Old Stony Point Center) is probably closer to you than the Wesr End one. I'm assuming you live in the Fan...

Anyway, this benighted burg dropped Fresh Fields on West Broad (as you may remember) back in the early 1990s. I imagine the new Whole Foods will go the same way.

Ted, you don't get my humor at all. And if you re-read my review of Carena's, you'll find out which neighborhood I live in. Your right though, the Stony Point Good Foods is a little closer AND a much, much nicer drive. Thanks for the tip--I'd forgotten about the other location.

Jason--I admit Super Natural Foods has been on the back burner for a BRIEF period of time, but isn't it nice to take a look at it again?

Teresa--I'm with on the whole whipped cream thing--love the butterfat!

I think Whole Foods will survive better than Fresh Fields did. When Fresh Fields opened Ukrops, in it's usual predatory manner, started stocking organics for the first time at what can only be described at not-for-profit pricing. Since demand for organic was in it's infancy then, Fresh Fields failed at the hands of the Ukrops marketing machine (and yes, I too shop at Ukrops). The Richmond consumer has become considerably more sophisticated in the intervening decade and Whole Foods should do fine (although I don't relish driving out to Short Pump). ET may be the casualty unless they change their 'only game in town' approach to customer service.

I agree. Whole Foods will do great here in the River City. I for one can't wait for them to open. This go-round Ukrop's will not be able to run them out of town. I wonder what the opening of WF will do for Ellwood T and also to Fresh Market (not so fresh if you ask me).

Brandon, I've written up a brain dumping of dietary/fitness advice that you might find intriguing. A lot of it goes against the grain of traditional calorie counting, etc. Short of admitting that I'm not happy the effects of my food-fondness, I paint a picture of someone considering drastic action, but settling for sporadic fits of healthfulness. Take a peek and lemme know what you think.

Where does Trader Joe's fit into the spectrum of gourmet/health food stores? Did you hear that they might be coming to Short Pump?

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