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Thursday, May 01, 2008


May your children always remember the sacrifices that you have made for them. That was truly an act of love. Now Spoon -- that's a band I'd love to see!

I am LMAO at the Shaun Cassidy video! I didn't ever remember him doing the White Man Awkward Hip Swivel. And wow. He can't actually sing. **the sound of illusions shattering**

I don't care, he's still hot. He and Rick Springfield are tied in my book for all time classic hotties (Ok, and maybe Mitch Gaylord too..........)

I couldn't believe it when I read your post and saw actual video footage of a Shaun Cassidy performance! The first concert I went to was the Shaun Cassidy concert at the Coliseum in Richmond. It was very memorable because, when Shaun threw a few red roses to the shrieking girls in the audience, I caught one! You might think that I have it still, pressed in a book somewhere, but no. The other shrieking girls around me jumped on me and ripe the roses out of my hands. For a few moments, all was a blur, and then I was left holding a stalk! Yes, a rose stalk! Hardly worth pressing in an album, I am sure you would agree, but the memory and the story are worth 1000 red roses!

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